Dr Przemysław Kaniecki

Przemysław Kaniecki (1982)

MA in Polish filology - Nicolai Copernicus University in Toruń (2006), in anthropology – University of Warsaw (2008); Ph. D. in Polish postwar literature (monograph onTadeusz Konwicki) – at the Nicolai Copernicus University. Published a book on Konwicki´s Lava (UAM, „Classics of Cinema” series, 2008); edited the first issue of the magazine „Litteraria Copernicana” (nr 1/2008; co-ed.: Jerzy Speina), a volume with a selection of smaller forms of Konwicki´s prose Ash and wind (Czytelnik, 2008; co-ed.: Tadeusz Lubelski); edited Konwicki´s „Choosen Books” (Agora, 2010). Published also a book with a series of interviews with Konwicki, entitled In a hurry (Czarne, 2011).