Professor Adam Daniel Rotfeld

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland (2005); Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – SIPRI (1990-2002).
Co-Chairman of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters (since March 2008); Member of the NATO Group of Experts on new Strategic Concept of Alliance (“Wisemen Group” – 2009-2010); Commissioner of the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative Commission (since Jan. 2010).
Joined SIPRI in 1989. After two terms of SIPRI directorship (1990-2002) served at the Polish MFA as Secretary of State in 2002-2004 and later on – Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Marek Belka government. Member of the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters (2006-2011).
In his capacity as SIPRI Director appointed in 1992 a Personal Representative of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe Chairman-in-Office to elaborate the political settlement of the conflict in the Transdniester region of Moldova. His report constituted an interim political solution which is binding the conflicting parties up-to-now.
Member of many other boards and scientific councils in Poland and abroad.
Professor at the Warsaw University, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies „Artes Liberales” (since March 2011).
Published more than 20 monographs and ca 400 studies, reports and essays in Poland and abroad.
Recent Writings
The joint Polish-Russian volume: White Spots – Black Spots. Difficult Matters in Polish-Russian Relations 1918-2008,Warsaw-Moscow 2010 (co-editor with Anatoly W. Torkunov); Where is the World Headed? (Warsaw 2008); Poland in Uncertain World (2006). Founder and co-author of the reports published under his chairmanship by the Warsaw Reflection Group i.e.: Arms Control Revisited: Non-proliferation and Denuclearization (March 2009); Towards Complementarity of European Security Institutions (2005); Towards the UN Reform: New Threats, New Responses (2004); Transatlantic Security: new realities, changing institutions (2004).