Professor Jan Kieniewicz

Jan Kieniewicz (1938) (Kontakt: )Historian, full professor ordinarius at the Warsaw University. MA in history (1960). PhD under the direction of Prof. Marian Małowist (1966); a post-doctoral degree (habilitation) in modern history (1974) at the Institute of History, University of Warsaw. A scholarship at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris, under the direction of Prof. Fernand Braudel. Full Professor in 1983. Chair of the Department of Iberian Studies at the University of Warsaw, 1975-1981 Deputy-Director of the Institute of History, UW, 1981-1988 Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Spain, 1990-1994 Deputy-Director of OBTA UW, later of IBI AL UW (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies “Artes Liberales”), 1996-2008. As Professor Emeritus and Director of OBTA, he coordinates the research activities of the Institute. Head of the Community Doctoral Studies (IBI AL UW jointly with IH UW). Professor Kieniewicz’s research interests include history of India and of the pre-colonial expansion, Spain in modern and recent times, Polish and European history. The last 15 years, he has been conducting research into comparative history of civilizations. He directs the following research projects: Polsko-hiszpański Corpus Diplomaticum, Milcząca inteligencja. Studium przemocy cywilizacyjnej, Dryfująca Tożsamość. He coordinates the Siberian-Polish Research Group within the program Academia in Public Discourse. Pilot Program: Opening the Window: Poland-Russia. At IBI AL he heads „Laboratorium Sofia Casanova” focusing on Spanish and Polish-Spanish themes. Professor Kieniewicz’s publications number over 570 titles, including 25 monographs.