Respublica Litteraria in Action. Letters – Speeches – Poems – Inscriptions


This part of the series will include materials presented and discussed during sessions which will accompany presentations of the successive volumes of Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci to the International Board of the research program Registration and Publication of the Correspondence of Ioannes Dantiscus (1485-1548). The discussions will concern the various aspects of the Respublica Litteraria in the 16th century, the source materials recording the phenomenon, its territorial extent and its role in the development of European culture.


Preface (Jerzy Axer, Anna Skolimowska)
Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci – editorial principles, historical sources, literary texts
Anna SKOLIMOWSKA, Series Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci, edited under the patronage of the International Union of Academies – presentation of the first volume
Jeanine DE LANDTSHEER, Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci, I, vol. 1: Ioannes Dantiscus` Latin Letters, 1537, some remarks
Manfred HOLLEGGER, Comment to the Series Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci
Arne JÖNSSON, Dantiscus and Sweden – then and now
Andrzej WYCZAŃSKI, Espace culturelle européenne au XVIe siècle
Marijke DE WIT, The correspondence between Ioannes Dantiscus and Cornelius Scepperus. An introduction to the edition
Tomasz OSOSIŃSKI, Unknown epigrams by Dantiscus in a letter from Ioannes Dantiscus to prince Albrecht I of Prussia
Spanish Latin Rhetoric of 16th century
Miguel Ángel GARRIDO GALLARDO, Rhétoriques espagnoles du XVI siècle écrites en latin signification d`un corpus
Ángel Luis LUJÁN ATIENZA, Ciceronianism and Ramism in sixteenth-century Spanish rhetoric
Luis ALBURQUERQUE GARCÍA, García Matamoros: a case in point
Philip Callimachus between Italy and Poland
Stefano PITTALUGA, Appunti su Callimaco Esperiente “imitator sui”
Juliusz DOMAŃSKI, Philippe Callimaque – imitateur ou émule des poètes élégiaques romains?
Latin in Polish Royal Castles
Stanisław MOSSAKOWSKI, The Latin inscriptions in the Royal Palace on the Wawel Hill in Cracow
Artur BADACH, Latin inscriptions in the interiors of the Royal Castle in Warsaw during the reign of Stanislaus Augustus
Latin as a language of the elites
Andrzej BOROWSKI, Between Latinity and ethnicity or Scylla and Charybdis of modern Polish Renaissance studies
Jerzy AXER, Latinitas as a community of values in the context of the dispute over the identity of the gentry nation
Jerzy STARNAWSKI, Conférence de cloiture
Index of Persons and Places
On the series Corpus Epistularum Ioannis Dantisci