Rhetoric of transformation


Rhetorical Aesthetics and Power Politics: Problems of Research into Political Rhetoric - Hans-bochen Schild
Wörter-Chronofakten als Spiegel historischer Umbruche - Sinaida Fomina
Vives' Rhetorical Ideas and the Oratory of the Spanish Transición: Two Proposals for Political Life - Tomas Albaladejo
The Rhetoric of the Word: Bible Translation and Mau Mau - Derek Peterson
The Transformative Povers of Rhetorical Presidency in South Africa- Philippe-Joseph Salazar . On Solidarity and the Role of Tropes in Social Movements - Tomasz Tabako
Rhetorical Regime in Crisis: The Rhetoric of Polish Leadership, 1980-1988- Cezar Ornatowski . Where Are We? A New Linguistic Conceptualization of the National Space in Polish -Jerzy Bartmiński From Perfect Monopoly to Imperfect Pluralism: From State Media to Public Media - Elżbieta Olechowska
Sermons that Heartened a Nation: The Rhetoric of a Pope in a Post-Communist Land-BorisGudziak
Dialogue of History and Eternity in the Temporal Structure of a Modern Preach Discourse -Archibishop Ihor Isichenko
How (Not) to Speak about the End? Rhetoric of Contemporary Polish Eschatological Sermons -Piotr Urbański
Cura Personalis and the Rhetoric of (Self)Transformation: Shaping a Humanities Curriculum as a Ratio Nova - Mark O'Connor
Theology Tempted by Ideology: Piotr Skarga SJ (1536-1612) and Jan Wyszeńslei (1545-1620) - Stanisław Obirek SJ
The Zoological Gardens as a Rhetorical Space -Jerzy Axer

Rhetoric, Interdisciplinarity and the University - Lynette Hunter
Rhetoric in Spanish Universities: Between Humanities and Social Sciences- Tomas Albaladejo Teaching Rhetoric at the University of Calgary - Christine Mason Sutherland
The Reader as an Actor: The Canon of World Literature and Educational Strategy (East-Central European Case Example) - Jerzy Axer