Kamil Wielecki Ph.D.

Contact: kamil.wielecki@al.uw.edu.pl

Kamil Wielecki graduated from the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology and the Institute of Philosophy, both at the University of Warsaw. In 2015, he finished his PhD studies  within an International PhD Program run at the Faculty of Artes Liberales. He has undertaken long-term ethnographic fieldwork research in Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. He received studentships at the Kyrgyz National University in Bishek (2005) and the University of Vienna (2005-2006). He was also a Visiting Scholar at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (2011-2012) and at the Central European University in Budapest (2013).

He is the author of over a dozen of scholar articles published in Polish, Russian and English, including his monograph Coping with Uncertainty. Petty Traders in Post-Soviet Russia (2015).

Since 2013, he serves as a secretary of the international PhD program „Searching Identity: Global Challenges, Local Traditions” run at the Faculty of Artes Liberales. Since 2015, he also works as an assistant professor at this Faculty.

His areas of interest include postsocialist studies, the political economy of capitalism, globalization, and economic and philosophical anthropology.

Academic profile: http://psychologia.academia.edu/kamilwielecki